The Evils of Forgetfulness

9 multi-screen installation, and one projection
16:9, 7h 27'


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i first met robert in a charity shop, solidarity, in the west end of glasgow, in late 2005. he was standing next to the door dressed in a denim jacket and a pair of 501s with long straight hair and a bright patterned green cap . i introduced myself and i asked him if i could make a portrait of him, if i could video him. he responded that he didn’t like the idea, but mentioned he had a lot of interesting things to talk about. after some persuasion, we met that night at his place, a small one bedroom flat, painted, also, in bright green. i asked him only one question: “tell me about you, who you are”. i was there for 3 hours. we continued to have our ‘meetings’ for over a year. through his narrations, you get a good sense of the history of glasgow, and a strong sense of different robert’s coming through : the intimate, the entertainer, the liar. once the show was up at tramway, glasgow, an installation comprising 9 monitors and one projection, i invited him to come over to view it. he told me that he was not interested, but asked if i was coming to film him again.

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