golden years

two screens, 2:1, 4k video 8'31"

sound design by Alex Macia


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link to Exhibition page: 'Run, Run, Run' , Arc One Gallery, Melbourne

link to Exhibiton page: 'Black Sun', Perth International Art Festival, Perth

exhibition essay for 'RUN RUN RUN' , Arc ONe Gallery, Melbourne, July 2014


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-‘In a much more intimate encounter with the mirror, however, ‘Golden Years’ (2014) is a video which portrays a man in his 60’s holding a hand-held looking glass. It is a simple image of a man engaging with his own reflection, or so it seems. In keeping with the narcissistic theme of contemporary screen culture, he is engaging with his image as a tool for masturbation. But this is no emotionally benign moment. We see him cycle through a range of ambiguous feelings: from confrontation; to self-hatred; to a strangely maternal sense of comfort. In the end, his extreme act of narcissism dissolves the linguistic skin between his self and the world and he falls into the mirror, his reflection an empty surface.
Like Alice in her Wonderland, Michael, occupying a psycho-active headspace, appears to be on a deluded, impotent voyage of self-discovery, an internal trip beyond the figurative – a phenomenological experience that reflects the viewer’s experiences witnessing ‘Run, Run, Run’.
Alice’s own relationship to herself is unstable; she finds herself getting bigger, getting smaller. This slippage of her apparent reality creates the discomfort she feels – that we all feel in selfie culture – at having the tools at our disposal to be our ideal selves but at the same time never able to be ‘just right’ because the reality that the self is a fiction is always apparent.
All the while, Marti, through his remarkable and intensely intimate biographical works, returns the gaze of the viewer, and all its longing, with unblinking conviction.’-

Carrie Miller


Nervous Tension, curated by Anabelle Lacroix, Careof , Milan, Italy 2014
RUN, RUN, RUN , Arc One Gallery, Melbourne 2014
Art Stage- Singapore Art Fair, curated by Paul Greenaway, 2015

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