Selected Texts

Publications, Catalogues and Essays

exhibition Essay, 'I Am'


Ric Spenser, 'Black Sun', Exhibition Catalogue, Fremantle Art Centre, Februrary 2016

'Black Sun' exhibition poster, PIAF 2016, Perth

Perth International Art Festival 'What's on' and video artist talk

CENSORED, - a documentary on art- by Elena Biasi, Glasgow February 2016

Donna West, 'Dani Marti: Fool’s Paradise'


Obey!, Mutacana 100, exhibition poster , 2015

'Slow Show' , Press Release, Adelaide , 2015

'Exhibit A' exhibition catalogue by Carrie Miller, @ Lock Up Gallery, Newcastle, 2015


Paco Barragan, 'From madonna to Madonna', exhibition catalogue DOMUS ARTIUM 2 , Salamanca, Spain

Hatje Cantz publication 'Dani Marti', 2012, Berlin

Hatje Cantz publication 'Dani Marti', 2012, Berlin - COVER

Hatje Cantz publication 'Dani Marti', 2012, Berlin - PUBLISHERS LINK


Morgan Falconer, exhibition catalogue 'And that's it' , Greenaway Art Gallery, November 2011, Adelaide

lets the healing begin, IMA , Brisbane, press release

inhabit, london, press release

Gao Gao, 'Seeing in the Dark: Dani Marti's ‘Variations on a Serious Black Dress', Scotland

Dani Marti, VIAL QUEEN, a project for ATLANTICA, Journal of Art and Thought, a publication of CAAM, Centro Atlantico de Arte Moderno (Las Palmas, Spain), issue #50, Spring-Summer, 2011. Director: Octavio Zaya. Designer: Rein Steger.


cinema x: I like to watch, MoCCA Toronto, press release

Jason Smith, 'Dani Marti: Finding Peter', catalogue essay for Bacon's Dog , Breenspace, Sydney

Kirsten Lloyd, 'The Ethics of Encounter', exhibition interpretation, Stills, November 2010, Edinburgh

Peter McKay, 'Vocal Thoughts' catalogue essay, Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia (CACSA), Adelaide, September 2010


running time, artist films in scotland 1960 to now,

Ruth Barker, 'Sometimes We Aren't Who We Think We Are: The Transgression of Autobiography in Dani Marti's insideout', September 2009

Bienal Lanzarote, poster


Anthony Gardner, ‘The Gestural Unconscious’, catalogue essay, Breenspace, Sydney, July 2008

Lois Rowe, 'IN TRANSIT', catalogue essay for Glasgow International, 11-27 April 2008

maite centol, 'arte y sexos', poster exhibition, Sala Astragal, diciembre 2008 , Gijon


M.A.S.H Miami, Press release, December 2007

John Calcutt, 'Inside-Out', catalogue essay for Glittering Shadows, Glasgow


Domenico Quaranta, 'Closer', Exhibition catalogue, Citric, Brescia, October 2006

Paco Barragan, 'The art of tying ends', Exhibition catalogue, Sherman Galleries, Sydney, February-March 2006


Anthony Gardner, 'There is nothing at the end of the rainbow', Catalogue essay, ARC One Gallery, Melbourne, March 2005


Victoria Hynes, 'Looking for Rover', exhibition catalogue, Sherman Galleries, Sydney, March-April 2004

Ann Finnegan, 'Variations in a Serious Black Dress', exhibition catalogue, Canberra Contemporary Art Space, ACT, February-March 2004


Jane Barney, 'Metis - waste', catalogue essay for 'Plastic by Nature', Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Canberra, May 2001

Ann Finnegan, 'missing spain', catalogue essay, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Sydney, August 2001


Ann Finnegan, 'Thin Wall', Artspace Catalogue. Sydney, February 2000

Ann Finnegan, 'Coco', Catalogue essay. Sydney, August 2000

'Exhibit A' exhibition catalogue by Carrie Miller, @ Lock Up Gallery, Newcastle, 2015

Articles, Reviews, Radio and Television

Linda Morris, 'Artspace public body show 'one of the most explicit exhibitions ever seen in Sydney' august 2017

John McDonald, 'The Public Body 0.2', August 2017


John McDonald, 'Western wonders' , Spectrum, Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney March5-6 2016

Lucy Stranger, 'Black Sun', Artist Profile, 15 February Australia

Laetitia Wilson, 'Perth International Arts Festival: Dark matter', Real Time, issue 131, February, Australia

Ruth Little, 'We're all lunatics now' , Friday 12 February 2016

Gemma Weston, 'Dani Marti: Black Sun' , Artlink , March 2016, Australia

RTR-FM , Radio Interview about 'Black Sun' , exhibition commissioned by Perth International Art Festival , 2016, Australia


John McDonald, 'Master Showman', Sydney Morning Herald, Spectrum page 18, Australia

Robert Nelson, 'Marti's garden of distortion', THE AGE, July 28 2014, Australia


Andrew Taylor, 'Blake Prize looks at creation beyond basic Christian teachings', Sydney Morning Herald, October 10, 2013, Australia


Kit Messham-Muir, 'Touch:the portraiture of Dani Marti', art review, Art & Australia, vol.49, no.3, p.504, Australia

Naomi Gall, 'Recommended', Art Guide Australia, September 2012

Carrie Miller, 'From Carrie Miller', The Art Life, published 24th August, 2012, Australia

Kit Messham-Muir, 'Interview with Dani Marti, artist, New York, 3 july 2012

Una Rey & Faye Neilson,'Crafting pathos with Dani Marti', Art Monthly issue 255, page 5-7,November 2012, Australia

Carrie Miller, 'Dani Marti:Mariposa", Art Monthly, issue 255, November 2012, Australia


Jill Stowell, ‘ Colourful characters’, Newcastle Herald, H2, Review, page 18 , 1st October, 2011, Australia

Andrew Frost, 'Grants and residencies', Australian Art Collector, pages 108-111, December 2011, Australia

Rosemarie Milson, 'Knowing the ropes', Newcastle Herald Weekender magazine, front cover and pages 8-11, November 5th 2011, Australia

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Ani Tzenkova, 'Dani Marti's tactile paintings' TRENDLAND, 6th September 2011, USA

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Rachael Cloughton, 'The Ethics of Encounter @ Stills" THE SKINNY, 05 January 2011, Scotland

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Anthony Gardner, 'Intimacies in a desert: the videos of Dani Marti', ATLANTICA, Journal of Art and Thought, a publication of CAAM, Centro Atlantico de Arte Moderno (Las Palmas, Spain), issue #50, Spring-Summer, 2011, front cover and pp 98-115, Director: Octavio Zaya. Designer: Rein Steger.

Fearghus Roulston, 'Dani Marti and Public Pillowtalk', Samizdat press, March 9, 2011, Edinburgh

Timothy Morrell, 'Therapy Session', Art Collector, pag 103-105, April 2011, Australia


Camilla Singh, 'Cinema X: I Like to Watch' , Art Pulse Magazine, 2010

qunst.mag #7 - hiv/aids, Bildwechsel, December 2010, Berlin


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