off site venue GoMA,  at 4 Parnie st

Glasgow, UK 2009

Omar Kholeif , 'No social justice for Glasgow's art?', The Guardian, 15 September 2009, UK

Ruth Baker, 'Sometimes We Aren't Who We Think We Are: The Transgression of Autobiography in Dani Marti's 'insideout.', Glasgow ,UK

video links to 'inside out' , 'lover's way', 'orifices', 'time is the fire in which we burn'

Edd McCraken, ‘Artist attacks GoMA for ‘censorship’ of gay life exhibition’ Sunday Herald, 23 August 2009, pg13, UK

Graeme Murray, 'Artist makes abrasive point in city protest', Evening Times, September 4 2009, page 18, UK

commissioned by GoMA and Glasgay, Glasgow

part of sh[out] lgbt social justice program: contemporary art & human rights, a program developed by the Goma-Glasgow.
An exhibition created to invite reflection upon one’s own experience of intimacy and disclosure, one’s own sexuality, and one’s own cultural attitudes to such aspects of human life

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