off site venue GoMA,  at 4 Parnie st

Glasgow, UK 2009

Omar Kholeif , 'No social justice for Glasgow's art?', The Guardian, 15 September 2009, UK

Ruth Baker, 'Sometimes We Aren't Who We Think We Are: The Transgression of Autobiography in Dani Marti's 'insideout.', Glasgow ,UK

video links to 'inside out' , 'lover's way', 'orifices', 'time is the fire in which we burn'

video documentation guerrilla action in the streets

Graeme Murray, 'Artist makes abrasive point in city protest', Evening Times, September 4 2009, page 18, UK

Edd McCraken, ‘Artist attacks GoMA for ‘censorship’ of gay life exhibition’ Sunday Herald, 23 August 2009, pg13, UK

commissioned by GoMA and Glasgay, Glasgow

part of sh[out] lgbt social justice program: contemporary art & human rights, a program developed by the Goma-Glasgow.
An exhibition created to invite reflection upon one’s own experience of intimacy and disclosure, one’s own sexuality, and one’s own cultural attitudes to such aspects of human life

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