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DANI MARTI was born 1963 Barcelona, Spain. Lives and works Sydney, Australia and Glasgow, Scotland. Marti works across video, installation and public art. His unorthodox woven and filmic works turns to wider notions of portraiture and sexuality in Modernism, Minimalism, and geometric abstraction.

Oscillating between hopefulness and failure, Dani Marti’s work is hinged to a representational paradox. For on the one hand it presupposes belief in the act of portrayal, and on the other hand it tacitly admits portraiture’s inevitable failure to accurately capture. His relation to his subject is consistently fixed: an obsessive, laborious, and often desire-driven attempt to represent something of his subject that is beyond appearances. Something of a deep-rooted lust between him and his subject, something of an essence, something, in other words, beyond surface. But it is surface—quite literally—that we as viewers are left with in Marti’s work, nothing objectively closer to ‘the real’ other than what one chooses to see and read into it. Marti’s work is thus an explicit reminder that viewer subjectivity is the only place where the portrait can truly be generated. His gestures toward it are merely our starting points.

May 20 – June 13: Key Works

Arc One Gallery, Melbourne

exhibition link

May 7 – June 9: Obey!

Matucana 100,  Chile

exhibition link

video link: ‘The Stamp Collector’, 2006
MUSAC Collection, Leon, Spain

June 17_ July 25,  2015: Slow show

GAG PROJECTS, Adelaide, Australia

gallery link

April 9 –  April 14, 2015 : Cementa 15

Kandos, NSW , Australia

exhibition link

video link – ‘Stitch n’ Bitch’, 2015

November 26 – December 1,2014 : Your Nostalgia is Killing Me!

Gallery of Modern Art , Brisbane , Australia

Your Nostalgia is Killing Me

August 26 –  November 16, 2014 : ONE FROM ONE. The minimal aesthetic in art.

Newcastle Art Gallery,  Australia

Newcastle Art Gallery, exhibition link

Spring 2012:  DANI MARTI Monograph

by Hatje Cantz, Berlin

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